01 Battle

Challenge the Masters of Bloodline!

Are you a champion or a weakling?

The Five Great Masters of Bloodline have arrived to crush the weak and reward the strong!
Every day, two of these masters will host the Head Hunter Warlords event. Defeat them in deadly combat!

Only heroes that match the class of the Master
you are challenging are permitted for entry.

Do you dare?

02 Advance

Choose Your Advancement Path

Gain Inhuman Power


More likely to be attacked by enemies but has 5% damage reduction.

2nd Job Advancement Path Below

War God

Chance to be attacked increased, damage received decreased by 10%, damage dealt decreased by 5%.

Dark Knight

Chance to be attacked increased, damage received reduced by 5%, 10% of damage dealt is converted to healing.

Life Drinker

Damage dealt increased by 10%, damage received increased by 10%.


Recovers 7 Fury Points every turn

2nd Job Advancement Path Below


DEF and REC increased by 10% for all Squad members.

Divine Messenger

10 Fury recovered each round, Healing is slightly increased.

Martial Arts Mistress

Damage dealt increased by 15%, REC decreased by 30%.


Has an 8% increase in Critical Hit Rate.

2nd Job Advancement Path Below

Ghost Blade

Critical Rate increased by 25%, Ultimate Skill damage decreased by 25%.

Shadow Dancer

Critical Rate increased by 10%, Critical damage received decreased slightly.

Soul Addict

Damage and Critical Rate increase by 25% when enemy HP is below 35%.


Damage and Critical Rate increased by 10%, DEF decreased by 20%.


Deals 10% more damage when HP is full

2nd Job Advancement Path Below

Arrow Master

Attacks have a chance to decrease enemy DEF by 30% for 1 round.


Damage and Critical Rate increased by 10% when at full HP.


Whole squad gains 15% increased CRI dmg.


10% more Ultimate Skill Damage

2nd Job Advancement Path Below


Ultimate Skill damage increased by 20%.


All Squad members recover 4 Fury each round.


Recovers 20% HP after killing an enemy, raises CRI rate by 20% for next round.

*Different Heroes within the same class will reflect different job advancement options.

03 Power Up

A New Way to Level Up

Unshackle Heroes with the Power-Up Meter

Powering up 2nd Job

Power Up Option Animated Gif

Switching 2nd Job

Switch Class Animated Gif
  • Your hero will also retain Advancement Level progress when evolving to a higher star level.
  • You can switch advancements once a day for free;
  • Job Change Scrolls are required for further switches until the next day.
04 Play

Join The Bloodline and Show ‘Em Who’s Boss