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Guild War Rules

  1. Applications for a Guild War begin every Monday and Friday from 0500 HRS to 2300 HRS.
  2. Once signups are closed, no changes can be made to Guild members by the Guild leader.
  3. A Guild War season consists of 8 battles. Once it is over, scores will be calculated.
  4. Only members who stay in the Guild after the application deadline can participate.
  5. Guilds must have 20 or more members to participate in a Guild War.
  1. Heroes level 15 and above can participate in a Guild War. Preparation Phases are on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 0500 HRS to 2300 HRS. Deploy your squads in your guild’s buildings.
  2. Guild members can remove their squads from buildings if they wish. Guild Leaders have the authority to remove any DEF squads.
  3. Players above level 50 can deploy 3 defending squads. Players level 50 and below can deploy 2.
  4. Buildings without DEF squads will be defended by NPC squads, which are very weak.
  5. Certain buildings can provide the Castle with extra bonuses. They must be defended!
  1. Wednesdays and Sundays, from 0900 HRS to 2300 HRS, are the Battle Phase.
  2. You must advance by destroying buildings along the path.
  3. Hero HP and Fury carry over from battle to battle.
  4. Defeating enemy squads and destroying buildings nets you Battle Points. The more Points you have, the more Honor Medals you will receive.
  5. The Warehouse, Blacksmith and Archer Towers provide bonuses to castle defenders.
  6. The guild with the highest Battle Points will win the guild battle.
  1. Honor Medals will be awarded to Guild members based on their Battle Points.
  2. Seasonal rewards will be calculated at the end of a Guild War season, which is every 8 battles. The top 10 Guilds in the server will receive Ruthtria fragments and medals, while guilds outside the top 10 will receive medals. Guild leaders will receive bonus fragments.
  3. Use Honor Medals to redeem rewards from the Guild Shop!
  4. Guild members who participate in at least 5 of the 8 battles each season will be rewarded.
  5. Guild War rewards will be delivered to your mailbox.


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