Bloodline - The Last Royal Vampire

Fate Link

Achieve insane bonuses and new Fate Skills for your most powerful heroes by unlocking their three Fate Links!

How to Use

Your hero has three Fate Links represented by three heroes. Acquire these heroes, reach the required levels, and use Destiny Coins to unlock Stat Bonuses and a new Fate Skill!

Unlocking Fate Links requires Destiny Coins acquired from the Tower of Fate
The two Fate Links at the bottom grant stat bonuses when activated, while the top Fate Link unlocks the hero’s Fate Skill when activated.
Each Fate Link activated increases your hero’s COST. You can deactivate and reactivate each Fate Link at will.
Once unlocked, each Fate Link can be Enhanced to increase its stat bonuses.

Visit the official wikia for more info

Tower of Fate

Fate Shop

Purchase Destiny Coins at the Fate Shop using either Starflake Stones accumulated from the Tower of Fate or various items in your inventory. Use them to unlock and enhance your heroes’ Fate Link.

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