Bloodline - The Last Royal Vampire - 1st Anniversary - 14th October 2016

As the Season of Spirits approaches surely,
it’s time to celebrate Bloodline’s Anniversary.
There’s much in store for players current and new;
Click the links to see what awaits you!
New Hero - Kane New Hero! Kane ★★★★★

A Monster Hunter medic, Kane's brutal methods rely on stimulants instead of magic.

New Hero - Tyris New Hero! Tyris ★★★★★

Leader of the Monster Hunters, Tyris and her companion Kane have allied themselves with the heretics after a near-fatal encounter with the Holy Land.


26 Sep– 3 Nov, 2359hrs

Check your mailbox during the event duration and get your FREE Monthly Card worth thousands of gems! Everyone gets one!

Free Monthly Card

14 Oct

Celebrate Bloodline’s first birthday! Log in and collect a one-time gift of 365 Gems, Energy and Stamina, and 365,000 Gold.

Birthday Present

14 Oct

We’re giving away Destiny Coins for everyone! Collect ‘em from your mailbox before the day is over.

Birthday Present 2

Special Events

For Players Inactive Since 1 Sep

Been out of the game since 1 September? A return package with amazing rewards is sitting in your mailbox just waiting for you!

Return of the Hero

Welcome Back

1 Sep – 16 Oct

Ultra-rare hero fragments are yours when you attempt stages in Quest, Challenge and Event modes!

Ultimate Fragment Hunt

3-9 Oct

Can you fly, Bloodliners? ‘Cause Blood Paladin and Ruthtria Fragments are up for grabs for the most hardworking server!

Bound By Blood

15 Sep-14 Oct

Get a 5-star SEA exclusive hero free when you log in for at least 26 out of 30 days during the event period.

The Path of the Kindred

3-24 Oct

Go Shroom crazy by entering any event dungeon 5, 7 and 10 times!

Enhanced Events Frenzy

14 - 16 Oct

All events will be open for access with a daily entry limit of 2.

Enhanced Event Access

New Event Dungeons

3-10 Oct

Somewhere within lies the Elixir I seek - Canyon of Life

Alsy has gotten word that the ingredients to the Elixir of Life lie somewhere in this canyon. Will you aid her expedition?


3-10 Oct

Chamber of Treasures - Darksteel Golemn Awaits

Several millennia of artifacts from the realm of Bloodline are stored within the Dark Tower and protected by a terrifying security system!


10-17 Oct

Ron's Birthday Bash

Ron’s getting high on life by celebrating his birthday with his Shroom pals! Join them for a trippy good time.


10-17 Oct

Bloodline's 1st Anniversary - Thank You Fellow Bloodliners!

You truly are the best fans ever. Celebrate our first anniversary with your favorite heroes the Bloodline way!


17-24 Oct

Secret Ship - Look for the mysterious treasure from the GhostShop

Cap’n Kate and her ghostly crew are moored on the docks once more! Board her ship and prove your worth.


17-24 Oct

Hell's Furnace - Forge the greatest tools of war!

Shan seeks to forge an indestructible weapon in the fires of an ancient forge! Help her fend off the dangers within.