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BloodLine - The Last Royal Vampire

Easy to Play

Tap and swipe across the screen to launch spectacular attacks! It’s that easy.

Customize Your Heroes

Help your heroes achieve god-like power by customizing them through Hero Evolution, Limit Break, Potential Awakening and Job Advancements!

Perfect Your Strategy

To master Bloodline, you’ll have to carefully craft your squad to effectively counter enemy forces and know when’s the best moment to attack or defend!

Play More, Grind Less

Thanks to features like Auto Battle, Raid and Auto-Mine, Bloodline allows you to devote more of your time to managing your squad and doing battle!

In Depth Storyline

If you love a good story with unexpected plot twists, follow the storyline adapted from the popular manga!

Over 300 Cards to collect

There’s a mind boggling array of characters to unlock and evolve in Bloodline!

Install and play free on your mobile device