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Exclusive for Ethereal Haven Players

Create your new account on server Ethereal Haven to get these rewards!

Prized Pupil

Impress Master Ruthtria; finish the in-game tutorial to receive 1500 STA, 1500 Gems, 200,000 Gold and 3 Summoning Scrolls.

Collect rewards from Mailbox.

Sacred Loyalist

Log in every day from 11 Apr – 10 May for daily rewards totalling 3600 Gems, 3000 Stamina, 15 Summoning Scrolls, 700,000 Gold, 60 Maid Linda Fragments, and 40 Crystals.

Collect rewards from Mailbox.

Enhanced Event Entry

From 11 Apr to 1 May, enjoy an enhanced Entry Limit of 3 for Child of Forest, Buried Legend, Vital Fantasy, Lost Wonderland, and Tomato Family.

Lilo.I’s Fragment Adventure

Get 5x Vampire Lilo.I fragments with every 150 stages completed.

-Requires minimum Squad Level 10 to begin.
-Qualifying modes are: Quest, Challenge and Event.
-Collect from Growth Task every 150 stage completions to begin the next reward tier.
Reward is collectable up to 12 times.

Terms & Conditions

  • Prized Pupil and Lilo.I’s Fragment Adventure are permanent specials for Ethereal Haven.
  • Sacred Loyalist and Enhanced Event Entry specials run from 11 Apr – 10 May and 11 Apr – 1 May, respectively.
  • Prized Pupil and Sacred Loyalist Rewards are collected from the in-game mailbox.
  • Lilo.I’s Fragment Adventure rewards are collected from the Growth Task menu.

Rally Your Allies!

Get these Rewards by Inviting New Friends to Bloodline!

Any new friend that enters your invite code and reaches Squad Level 50 gets you and your friend the Spellsword’s Reward Pack!

FOR YOU (Claimable Once):
For Your Friends (Claimable by all invited Friends):

Terms & Conditions

  • This event runs from 23 June 2017 to 24 July 2017 2359HRS GMT+8
  • Participants and their invited friends may have accounts on any server.
  • Invited friends must create account between 23 June 2017 to 10 July 2017 2359HRS GMT+8 on any server and reach Squad Level 50 by 24 July 2017 2359HRS GMT+8 to qualify for Spellsword’s Reward Pack.
  • All rewards will be credited to qualifying winners within 5 working days of the event’s conclusion.
  • Cherry Credits reserves the right to modify the event rules and prizes without prior announcement.