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Your Heroes

Fine-tune your heroes with Job Advancements and switch between them to adapt to new enemies!

Easy to Play

Unleash devastating attacks and dominate your enemies with simple taps and swipes!

Perfect Your Strategy

Craft your squad with tactical precision and use elemental counters to decisively crush the opposition!

Transcend Your Heroes

Unleash incredible new abilities and further enhancement by uniting heroes with the powerful Fate Link!

Infinite Competition

Stand victorious in literally endless PvP action! Ascend to the champion in the Arena, outthink your foes in the wave-based Tower of Fate, strategize with your friends in epic Guild Wars, and MORE!

PVP Action!

Strategically configure your 3 best squads and achieve total dominance in brutal wave-based PvP combat!

Over 350 Cards
to Collect

From valiant knights and demonic warlords to psychotic jesters and minigun-toting Chibis, there’s a mind boggling array of heroes to unlock and evolve, with new heroes added regularly!

World Boss Battles

Take on terrifying boss creatures for the highest honor of all and make your rival players jealous!

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